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Clawson’s Pub & Deli

Today is one of those perfect glimpses of the upcoming fall here in Nashville. I ventured out to the annual Made in Nashville festival that is at Centennial Park. I love this festival and how it celebrates the creativity that flows out of Nashville. I picked up a few things from vendors I frequent throughout the year. If you are in Nashville the second weekend of September, I highly recommend this festival. Or just check out the list of vendors and then pick up their stuff online. I will share a bit more about some of those locals in another post later.

With the weather I was inspired to hit up a place I’d been dying to try for the last month. I had read another food review of it and was super impressed for it being a sandwich place.

So I ventured down by the old Greer Stadium, hung a left and wound up on 4th Avenue South in the Track One building. Clawson’s Pub & Deli is nestled in a side door and if you aren’t looking you will miss it. They have a mismatch of tables and chairs, enough seating for about five groups of people between two and six to a group, as well as seating at a small bar for about six. They had a couple of garden tables outside on a small covered area if you want to sit outside and look at the gravel parking lot. (I highly recommend the inside, as you get alot to enjoy while you eat)

The decor reminds me of a scrambling of thrift stores, but in a fun way. There’s board games and books to read while you eat/wait for your food. Their menu isn’t extensive, and I like it that way. Know what you do and do it well.

And they do sandwiches well.

IMG_8222I am a sucker for a hot sandwich, toasted, seared, grilled…you name it. I had in mind what I wanted before I went, because I had perused their menu prior to going. I ended up getting the Number 2 eventhough the special they had today was enticing. It was a grilled chicken strips with cheese and other arrays of things. However the Number 2 just drew me.

It’s ham, bacon, strawberry jam and brie on toasted sourdough.

I am so very glad I got this. This sandwich is served hot off the press, on wax paper and a brown paper “plate” if you will. They have many drinks on tap and serve various specialty carbonated waters. I opted for a tap water, which is readily available for free with a hint of cucumber. I added in a bag of chips, which was about $11 total with a tip for the meal. I could have done without the chips (they are pre-packaged and good kettle chips) simply because the sandwich is large and filling.

The staff (and what I would assume are the owners) were exceptionally friendly, as they came around to chat and check on the meal. It had a great ratio of jam, bacon, brie and ham so that it stayed warm until I finished. There was a dad with his just turned two daughter, who really enjoyed their meal as well as an older dad with his college age son. They have great hours (11-9 Monday-Friday, and 11-5 on the weekends) with ample parking which is free. They advertised some happy hour deals as well and seemed to have a large array of beers on tap and bottle. (Sorry y’all I am not versed in what to look for there) I just like really good food.

I will definitely be back because I heard one staffer say the Number 1 is their biggest seller and there’s around five other sandwiches I want to taste just from the menu. And I would most definitely order the Number 2 again in a heartbeat. Warm Brie. Strawberry Jam. Ham. Bacon. Sourdough. Toasted. I mean how can you not want that?


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