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The Sutler

If you ask my sister, she says she found The Sutler. If you ask me, I drove by it daily and figured it had to be pretty good to stick around the Melrose neighborhood for long. Well we were both right, and finally got to enjoy it together. I knew it was pretty popular so I got us reservations while she was in town for a concert (hey Kelly Clarkson!).

We went early on a Saturday of a holiday weekend because UT was playing in town and the concert was at 7pm. We had light snacks for lunch in preparation for a filling meal. We got seated right away, as one of two tables in the restaurant at 5pm. We ordered the fried okra and fried pickles starter. Most everyone does friend pickles these days in Nashville if they have “Southern” in their description. They were pretty standard, but man the okra was amazing. It was fried whole rather than chopped up as you would normally see. They come with two dipping sauces, a traditional remoulade which was good but the cane mignonette was outstanding. It was vinegary with an onion highlight in it. That made the dish superb. You get a pretty large serving of it, and we actually didn’t finish it before our meals came.

My sister went with the BBQ Horseshoe sandwich with brisket. This thing is piled high with brisket on Texas toast, then fries on top of that and covered all over with cheddar ale gravy. She let me have one bite. One. She (and I) agree, it was delish. She was stuffed, but not gross stuffed. She kept saying everything should come with cheddar ale gravy, and I tend to agree.

IMG_8198I wavered between the same sandwich and the White Collar’d Pig sandwich. Since she ordered that, I opted for the carnitas flare. I am ever so glad I did. If I could not gain weight and eat it every day, I would give it great consideration. This will be served in heaven, because God loves us and wants us to have good things. That’s why.

This had pork carnitas, slow braised collared greens, American cheese on a grilled sourdough. (see I love warm sandwiches) The fries were good, but I’ll be honest, again I could have just had the sandwich and been happy. I was overjoyed to say the least. This was so so so very good. I am not sure who thought up pork carnitas and collared greens, but they need to be kissed. and then thank their momma too for it.

I enjoyed every bite of this meal, which is why I snapped a shot before I took a bite because it was gone y’all. GONE. We loved the atmosphere, the wait staff was very attentive (by the time we left there were about 6 tables and it was filling up quickly). They have live music every night, a lunch menu as well, ample (free) parking, and late night menu for you heathens who stay out past 9pm.

I simply want to go back to get the Brussel Sprout Hash just once. and the popped crack corn. So go. Enjoy. Try it all. Call me first though cause I will join you.


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