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Biscuit Love

IMG_8209I am pretty sure I could just post a picture of these and that would be enough to get you to Biscuit Love. Seriously.

Insert heart-shaped eyes smiley face emoji times a thousand.

Those are the bonuts right there friends. I don’t care what else you order at Biscuit Love (okay I do) but you have to order the bonuts. It’s a biscuit doughnut, but oh so much more my friends. Add a dollop of lemon marscapone goodness and blueberry compote. These are a must if you go to Biscuit Love. A MUST. Order any thing else, but these better be on your bill.

This comes from a girl who is not a fan of blueberries. I love them because of this plate right here.

I highly recommend doing breakfast here. You will have to wait in line out the door, but seriously y’all it’s not that bad. Wait in the line. Get to know the people standing next to you, in front of you, behind you. (Oh and here’s a tidbit, once inside you can grab a seat at the bar area and order there…quick service and less of a wait) Park in the garage across the street. It’s free the first hour and only $2 if you go over…I have only gone over the time limit once…so not too shabby especially for parking in Nashville. IMG_8032

Next up, if you’d like a good hearty breakfast like I do. Seriously I love breakfast. My nephew and I could eat it three meals a day we love it that much. And nothing rivals my mom’s homemade sausage gravy but Biscuit Love’s is a close second my friends. And you put it on a fried chicken thigh on a biscuit and top it with cheese? Perfection. You will never want another chicken biscuit again because this one will ruin you for life.

I wish I could write on something else but I order this, or just a sausage gravy biscuit every time I go. This has become my go-to place in Nashville. It screams local, Karl Worley is a mastermind chef that brought this to life from food truck iteration to this brick and mortar restaurant.

You won’t be disappointed by heading to Biscuit Love. Prepare for the line. Check it out at breakfast…even go at lunch for some delish offerings such as their Goo Goo Cluster goodness.


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