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Fenwick’s 300

About two months ago I looked over on my way to church to see this little diner tucked into a new shopping center on 8th Avenue South. I had seen Sinema and The Sutler. But in between was this little placed called Fenwick’s 300. The reason I love the Melrose/8th Avenue area is that looks are deceiving and you can find some spectacular places if you just give a chance.

Fenwick’s 300 is along those same lines. Very similar to Biscuit Love in that they are a breakfast-lunch place. They are done at 2pm, and they can be because they are good y’all. Nashville is becoming the place-to-brunch mecca with every place around on the weekends serving up mimosas and biscuits. But Fenwick’s knows what it does, and does it good.

They have the diner feel but with the flare for trendy/hipster. Serving Bongo coffee at your table or at the barista stand while you wait, you can feel right in Nashville hipster heaven. (I am not a fan of Bongo after working across the street from them for several years, and being asked to leave their smoke-laden porch because I dared eat Chick-fil-A while my friend imbibed with a coffee and dessert from them…not still mad about it, not at all)

A friend suggested after the early service one Sunday we walk down and grab a bite. (bonus is being within walking distance of church, and having ample free parking) So we waited at 10:45am on a Sunday for about 20 minutes for a table for two. The one downside to Fenwick’s is the large dining room area that isn’t jammed up with tables. They like the open flow, which is great for the experience, not so much on the wait time when all 10 tables in the restaurant are full. We didn’t opt for the diner stool seating simply because I was in a dress and act like a lady sometimes.

IMG_8295I was really wanting a hamburger and thought this might be the place to oblige, but it was not meant to be on Sunday because BRUNCH. But alas, I was able to get my food on and truly loved my breakfast. I went for the Melrose sandwich and added a side of home fries because I kept seeing them come out. The Melrose has perfectly crispy bacon slices, whipped goat cheese, fig jam and arugula. I seriously could eat that right now and it’s after 8pm and I had a filling dinner. It’s so good y’all. I chose the wheat bagel but they have a couple of other options such as the everything, sesame and a regular bagel. Fig jam and goat cheese is heaven, but putting bacon that is so crispy is divine.

The home fries were cooked really well and I didn’t have to douse them in ketchup to eat them. They are that good. My friend got the Fenwick’s Basic plate with gravy and a biscuit. She loved it, the eggs were perfectly done as was the bacon. I kept seeing the pancakes come out too. They are fall-over-the-plate huge. And fluffy. I wanted those too…and I had just had a delightful sandwich and fries.

Go check them out. I want to get back and try the lunch menu as I have seen several things worth grabbing…and then breakfast beignets, because who doesn’t love breakfast dessert, amiright?


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