Donelson · Pub · Sandwich

Phat Bites

Friday night I was met with a conundrum. I had a cousin in town for a conference and I rarely get to see her…like once a year, maybe. I still have yet to meet her three year old son, that’s how little we see of one another. She was staying out near the airport and really the only things I knew of out there were chain restaurants. While I love a good chain, I wanted to keep to my trying a new place a week and staying within budget. I also wanted to give the out-of-towner a Nashville restaurant.

I dug around, asked friends I know who live out that way for places, and narrowed it down for my cuz. We ended up at Phat Bites. When I say hole-in-the-wall, it truly is. There’s graffiti painted all over the interior. You won’t find matching furniture of any kind, and you can expect to hear some great live, local music. On Friday evening, we enjoyed the sounds of a high school girl belting out every kind of cover and some original as well, while we dined on paper plates filled with delicious sandwich goodness. They close at 9pm, so definitely make the journey early rather than late. They are about 2 miles off of the Donelson Pike exit of I-40. And let me just warn you, as I was warned, if you are not looked intently for it you will miss it. It was raining and dark, and we did miss it. It’s attached to the backend of the Ace Hardware. Parking is ample in the lot, which is a total bonus.

They have a pretty extensive menu that I perused before we went. They are posted on chalkboards directly above you as you enter where you are greeted by harried deli worker at the refrigerated counter. It’s not a showroom, they make good food and that’s all you need in a fun atmosphere where our table was held up by a cookie monster storybook and some Trivial Pursuit cards. I told you, hole in the wall.

IMG_8311I chose the Big Jerk sandwich which came on two yeast rolls (woohoo!) stuffed full of sliced jerk pork tenderloin (cooked to perfection) topped with carmelized onions and jack cheese. The spicy remoulade came on the side and I dunked to my heart’s content throughout the eating. My cousin went for the Caprese and loved it. I must say, I am not a fan of a caprese (salad or sandwich or appetizer) but that looked delish. She thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with the mix of sunflower seeds. The pickles that come with the sandwiches are odd. That’s the best way we can put them. Made in house, they are dills trying to be bread and butter we think. Neither of us were a fan. But oh our sandwiches we most certainly were. They have sides you can order separately. I chose not to this evening as I had read up on their desserts. I grabbed a Yum-Yum bar. Which was a hybrid brownie, cookie, chess bar. It was about the size of one of my yeast rolls and total goodness to indulge in post sandwich. My cousin and I split it because it was large and thick.

Check out the menu before you go so you can really dive into all they offer. They have live music and a bar in the adjacent room if that’s your thing. We enjoyed the live music and the service was super quick, with self-service seating. My only problem was after it quit raining they opened the garage roll door where people stood and smoked in front of for the remainder of the evening. This essentially just poured into the restaurant and we left not long afterward. Other than that, a truly great sandwich place that has vegan options and some truly unique options for sandwiches.


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