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Cochon Butcher

So I have decided I’m on a spree to find the best sandwich in Nashville. This is close y’all. This is a New Orleans staple and as my sister who posted after I said I had tried the Nashville one “Oh they have the prettiest cookbook.” They also have the prettiest restaurant/patio/butcher trio I have seen.

Maybe it’s the only one I have seen but, tomato tomato.

They have a pretty robust sandwich menu and you order right when you go in. I like that…I like a deli counter atmosphere alot. The place was bright and busy for 1pm on a Saturday. Normally Nashville does the brunch scene hard but not here and not these folks. The place was buzzing.

I engaged the guy at the register as I was having trouble deciding between the Buckboard and the Muffaletta. I love a good olive salad but the allure of the Buckboard swayed me over to grab it. I also got a bag of their house made (and bagged) chips and a water. They have a full bar available as well, where you can pull up and chat it up with the bartender. It was a kinda gross Saturday here in Nashville so I opted to sit inside, eventhough the patio was completely covered and that’s where everyone else congregated.

I was able to see the kitchen and watch the staff from my perch inside at a high bar table. I checked out the full menu and read up on what cocktails they serve. They also have some t-shirts for sale and some unique decor of army men and Ken dolls. People also came in and ordered from the deli to get the pre-packaged items they have. In fact I saw equal parts eat in and take out. So it’s a good option for both, especially given the easy access off of 3rd and a (small) parking lot.


Then my goodness on a plate arrived…We are talking pork belly, bacon collard greens, and melty cheese on white bread and toasted. It also had some grilled onions and peppers. Normally I opt out of those but this was such a small amount that I ended up loving it, as they gave a kick to the sandwich.

Of the sandwiches I have had recently with collard greens (and who thought that up because YES!) this one was my fave. They weren’t overpowering the sandwich but they provided just enough to make it different.

It was a big sandwich and it was filling y’all. I did notice the brussel sprouts and mac & cheese kept coming out to tables, so I need to head back to try those as well. The muffaletta as the staff had warned was a huge sandwich, which made me happy I had gone for the salty Buckboard instead as it was just what I wanted on a dreary Saturday in Nashville.

All in all, great atmosphere, ample seating, great attentive staff (I was checked on by various servers throughout the meal and the suggestions were from a “we love them” place, not a “wow you don’t know?” place). I would encourage you to go and also get a bacon praline because, yes. So much yes. Order the Buckboard, get a couple of sides, and enjoy your visit with this New Orleans establishment snug in the heart of downtown Nashville.


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