Farmer's Market · Sandwich

Village Bakery and Provisions

I stumbled onto this place a couple of weeks ago as I was waiting for the Nashville Farmer’s Market Harvest Night Market to open. Located on the backside of the market house, this bakery is the best kept secret there. They have been there since May and I am only now finding them.

They have fresh-baked breads on hand each day, along with soups and cold salads, sandwiches and the like. Let me just tell y’all that I enjoyed chatting with the staff and the owner, the former sous chef of The 404 Kitchen. He made my sandwich, which you can see above. (Also I warned you I’m on the lookout for the best sandwich) This is very close to first with Clawson’s at this point because not only is it cheesy goodness and fruit, but almost all of their supplies come from the farmers themselves.

That I loved.

And that sandwich. It was brie. It was apple. It was grilled. It was amazing.

I opted for just a sandwich on this night simply because I was sampling other things and I had my eye on a cookie (more on that in another post). They have a handful of sandwich options, made right there, and grilled fresh if you go for the warm sandwich. They also have some amazing looking salads in their deli case and fresh made soups. They also have some desserts made daily which I might have to go back and get for Thanksgiving because YES.

They are just getting started so check them out on Facebook for pictures and to keep in the loop on their offerings. But just go on over in person, parking is great and you can pop in and out for lunch while grabbing some fresh produce too! Chat with the staff if there’s not a line (and there should be!) because they will educate you on their business and share suggestions for what to pick next. I love when places have knowledgeable staff willing to take time to share about their craft and trade.


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