Downtown · Farmer's Market · Lunch

Nashville Farmer’s Market

So if you’ve read my posts here previously (sorry for the long hiatus, but life you know?) you saw my review of Village Bakery and Provisions. I love the farmer’s markets, no matter what city I am in. Knoxville’s, Dekalb County’s in Atlanta, and even my hometown’s is something worth checking out. I believe in supporting local, and so I try to make stops every Saturday a priority in the main growing season from May to September/October.

Something special about NFM is that they have the Market House where some restaurants have found a home to share their amazing food, case in point Village, and also a local box subscription company, Batch. I haven’t shared the other couple of places I have tried…and with my company’s planned move to a new facility across from NFM in 2017 I have a feeling this will become an even more frequent lunch spot for me.

IMG_8346One workday a group of us went over for Downtown Employee Appreciation Day where I tried out Music City Crepes. I devoured this savory crepe filled with cheese, grilled chicken and pineapple. It was the perfect lighter lunch with a twist of sweetness added. It was made fresh, and you can also get other options. They are there every day but Sundays in the Market House, and also have an amazing Nutella crepe that a friend of mine gets on the regular.


I have to say the one I look forward to visiting, even though my waistline wishes I wouldn’t, is The Sweet Stash. The owner is the spouse of a former professor I worked with…I hope you could follow that. I have had sugar cookies and cupcakes, Valentine’s decorated and Oatmeal Cookie Sammies. This woman can bake y’all. I wish she’d let me just come be her assistant some days because I haven’t had anything bad here…ever. If you want good, local, bakery delights I highly recommend getting your tush over to The Sweet Stash. I mean look at the Oatmeal Cookie Sammie I got in November….



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