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Holler and Dash

IMG_0241It is no surprise that I love this place. It’s a newer place here in the Brentwood area of Nashville. The fourth of four in the concept offering from Cracker Barrel. The real #justiceforbradswife is found here y’all.

It’s open from 7am-3pm daily…so it’s a great breakfast joint for work meetings, a pop-in for lunch or anything in-between.

The first highlight is the atmosphere. There’s local dashes in the wallpaper and also in the small retail fixture they have while you wait in line. (You do not wait long at all to order, trust me) Here in Nashville they have shirts from their own line, coffee offerings and local chocolate from Olive and Sinclair (a fave).  The ordering is fun, as you are greeted by an employee when you come in that talks through their offerings a bit if you like, makes suggestions and then points you in the direction of ordering. I got a big mug of coffee in these great little mugs (which I now own one) and they have the additional coffee station to dress it up.


On the first time to this location, my roommate joined me. I opted for the Kickback Chicken biscuit and she got the Hollerback Club. Mine was topped with delish goat cheese and kickin’ sweet pepper jelly. I could drink that jelly if possible, it is that good y’all. Hers was a fried green tomato (YES) with bacon, guac and comeback sauce (a chef original). You’ll need a fork and knife to eat these fantastic dishes, and you can find them there at the table in the mason jars…or you can cop a squat in the long bar that faces the window. When the weather is nice, grab a spot on the patio.

IMG_0307My second go-round, on their grand opening weekend I opted for the sweeter side of the menu, grabbing up the Strawberry Dash, a whipped creole cream cheese, strawberries and powdered sugar all atop a biscuit. YUM…it was such a different approach to breakfast and I loved it.

I mean just look at that sight of cream cheese and strawberries there on that fluffy goodness. Is there anything better?




Lastly a friend and I dropped by this past week for their fun tasting event…after hours. We received three great biscuit options for just $10 plus tax. There were mini-ish versions of their three best biscuits. Let me just say, all three were amazing. Two of which I hadn’t tried and now could go for again. We have the Kickback Chicken there on the left, the Chicken.Set.Go. (topped with pimento cheese, sorghum and jalapenos) and the Pork Rambler (fried pork tenderloin, blackberry butter and fried onion straws).

FullSizeRender (3)

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, understand you need to check this place out. Holler and Dash is located in Brentwood, near Maryland Farms. But don’t fret if you’re not in Nashville, there’s another in Celebration, Florida, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. But trust me, this is one to get to and try. Cracker Barrel has done well here, thanks to the work of Culinary guru Brandon Frohne. They have craft soda pairings, as well as soda, wine and beer offerings if you’re looking for more adult flair with your biscuits.

I am already looking forwards to heading back for the Tot Bowl and Beignets on the menu.


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