12 South · Breakfast · Brunch

Urban Grub

In the last couple of months I have gotten to eat at Urban Grub twice for brunch. Might I say, it is very well one of the best in Nashville…and we do ALOT of brunches. Recently a group of us POUND gals got to brunch for a birthday here and it was a barrel of fun.

I grabbed up the Pork Bennie on the brunch menu and y’all….you need to get over there and have this. Pork, poblano, chipotle hollandaise, all wrapped up with runny egg on top? YES PLEASE. But even better is the side of smoked Gouda cheese grits.  Fall in love with those, because yum.

FullSizeRender (4)

My companions at the table ordered different options of the stone oven stradas, and loved them as well. But we all, and I do mean all, agreed that the grits are the winner of the brunch. So definitely grab those when you go in for brunch.

Urban Grub does brunch really well, and they even offer a great charcuterie board with crab legs and fresh cheeses. It looked amazing and multiple tables were ordering from it. They also bring bread to the table (hey winner!) that has mini biscuits and mini chocolate chip muffins. They were a great tide over since we didn’t order any starters. On my previous jaunt into brunch, I opted for the Vanilla Bean Donuts which are on the dessert menu, but are so totally worth ordering first. Piping hot little donuts with cream cheese ice cream and chocolate covered bacon.

IMG_0049 (1)

The service is impeccable there as well. I have had great waitresses both times who were super attentive and very friendly, giving us time to linger and chat without rushing us out to flip the very busy table. I highly encourage you to check out their brunch but do get reservations well in advance, or you’ll be waiting for a bit. They do offer complimentary valet, and being in the busy 12 South neighborhood I could not recommend this more.


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